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Wood Cleaning (deck, fence, siding, and more)

Updated: May 26

Did you know that wood is an organic material? Why is that important? If you clean wood with a standard house washing mixture that's designed for vinyl siding or brick, you will be very disappointed with the end result. Why? Because after drying the wood will lighten significantly (whitish color) and the pH level will change resulting in damaged cell structures (faster deterioration). How do you properly clean wood? Gentle House Washing of the Midlands uses a two step process:

  • 1st we apply an earth friendly cleaner that targets mildew, algae, and oxidation (graying). This cleaner has a hydrogen peroxide base so it's very common to see the product begin cleaning as soon as it makes contact with wood.

  • 2nd we apply a wood brightener and neutralizer to restore the pH level which results in a beautiful wood product.

Do you have a deck that needs to be cleaned? If so, give us a call. You'll be glad you did.


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