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What is it?

Oxidation is a process that happens when your siding is exposed to oxygen, dirt, and build up. It can look oily, but when touched reveals a white, chalky appearance. It can be unsightly and takes special care to correct.

What Causes it?

Oxidation can occur naturally due to excessive and prolonged sun exposure. However, it can also occur due to improper care and cleaning of vinyl siding. Using high pressure to clean siding can damage your siding and cause oxidation. Lastly, leaving dirt and grime on your siding for too long can also cause oxidation.

How Can I Get Rid of it?

Oxidation cannot be removed by simply soft washing. We use special chemicals that are developed to treat oxidation by removing this chalky discoloration. It is a lengthier process than just soft washing alone, but yields nice results. We never use high pressure on vinyl siding, and we always recommend having a professional take care of your house washing services.

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